If we take a comprehensive view of our approach to the pandemic, treatment doesn’t take away from prevention. It adds to it.

-Hillary Clinton, Former US Secretary of State

My Health is in Your Hands
Take care of you for me

There are 3,500 British Columbians who have HIV and don’t know it. Often there are no symptoms and you can pass it on to your partner without being aware.

Knowing and sharing your HIV status is an important part of a healthy sex life and a good relationship. If you’re starting a new relationship, and have never been tested, finding out your HIV status is one way to show your love.

Today, with earlier diagnosis of HIV and advances in treatment and care, it is not a death sentence. HIV can be a chronic, manageable condition. When diagnosed early, treatment can suppress the virus and prevent transmission to your partner.

Confidential and anonymous testing is available to you, and treatment is available at no cost. Ask your doctor and if you're offered the test, say YES.

Health outreach nurses are also available across the region to provide discreet and confidential HIV testing – call 1-866-778-7736.