One in four people who are living with HIV don't know it.

Getting tested for HIV, and confirming your status, has never been easier and the benefits never greater.

It was not that long ago that an HIV diagnosis was considered a death sentence. At the height of the epidemic, a person was dying of AIDS every day in British Columbia. Today, thanks to earlier diagnosis of HIV and incredible advances in treatment and care, HIV can be a chronic, manageable condition.

It all begins with an HIV test.

Where Can I Get Tested?

HIV testing is confidential free, easy, and available wherever you access health care.

A health outreach nurse is also available to provide discreet and non-judgmental HIV

testing at 1-866-778-7736.

HIV Treatment

Early diagnosis of HIV leads to better outcomes for everyone.

Advances in treatment mean that people who are HIV positive are living a much longer and near normal life. Early treatment also prevents the virus from attacking the body and it prevents it from spreading to others.

Places Of Support

There are people and places in your community that provide caring, non-judgmental, and confidential services.

Use the Resource Map to find local places offering counselling, HIV testing, support for people living with HIV/AIDS, Aboriginal services, LGBTQ2 resources, mental health and substance use services, harm reduction, and social and community support.

Interior Health STOP HIV

Three (3) Core STOP HIV Activities:


Routine HIV testing in acute care; community testing in Interior Health community health clinics and private physician offices; education of Interior Health staff and physician partners; a public awareness campaign; and laboratory support


Fostering better care for newly diagnosed individuals and those living with HIV; collaborating with local doctors, nurse practitioners, and community agencies


Building doctor/nurse practitioner capacity to support HIV clinical care closer to home; developing a health outreach nursing team to enhance available care

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