By reaching and engaging more British Columbians at risk for or living with HIV/AIDS, not only will better care be provided, the treatment will also significantly reduce the spread of the virus.

-Former BC Health Minister Margaret MacDiarmid

My Health is My Right
I have the right to safe work and good health

People who do sex work often do not access health services because of fear of stigma and judgement. Confidential and non-judgmental health care is everyone’s right, regardless of the work they do.

Criminalization of adult sex work means that people who sell sexual services often work in ways that reduce the chance of being seen by police. For street-based sex workers in particular, this can mean that transactions are negotiated quickly in order to reduce public exposure. This can limit the ability to negotiate safety precautions such as condom use, and can lead to increased risk of HIV exposure.

HIV testing and treatment can be the first step to accessing life-saving health care. Both are available at no cost.

An HIV screening test can take as little as 60 seconds, with the results kept between the patient and nurse. Treatment can be as little as a single pill a day, preventing transmission and improving overall health.

Health outreach nurses are available across the region to provide discreet and confidential testing.

Health care is everyone’s right.